K, 23.09.2020

Traagiline kaotus: Suri äsja Oscari võitnud «Eirates gravitatsiooni» tiimi kuulunud operaator

"Free Solo" tiim parima dokumentaalfilmi Oscarit vastu võtmas: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin, Evan Hayes ja Shannon Dill

FOTO: MIKE BLAKE / Reuters / Scanpix

Suri äsja Oscari võitnud dokumentaalfilmi «Eirates gravitatsiooni» (Free Solo) kaameraoperaator ja filmitegija Andrew Berends, kes oli kõigest 46-aastane.

Kurvast uudisest teavitas avalikkust mehe kolleeg Oscari-filmi tiimist, kaasrežissöör Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, kuid avaldamata surma põhjust. «Kaotasime suurepärase sõbra ning olulise filmitegija,» seisab tema eile Instagami postitatud järelhüüdes. «Puudutasid paljude elusid. Tean, et valu, mida tundsid, oli väga sügav, tõeline ja järeleandmatu. Tean, et kannatasid. Loodan vaid, et leidsid nüüd rahu ja õigluse, nagu oled ära teeninud. Mul on kahju, et see nii lõppes, kaotasime vapustava inimese.»

Berends töötas mitmete filmide kallal, mille teemaks globaalsed probleemid ning iseäranis Aafrika.


We have lost a wonderful friend and an important filmmaker - Andrew Berends. I first met Andy in 2006 when I saw his film Blood of my Brother. I was taken by his poignant and human images and asked our mutual friend Gwyn Welles to introduce us. We found that we had a lot in common including our passion for Africa. Andy and I went on to make 2 films together, Incorruptible and Little Troopers. We also collaborated on many other projects. We traveled throughout West Africa, Europe, Kosovo, the US and most recently he filmed with jimmy and my team on Free Solo. Andy’s intelligence, sensitivity, bravery, loyalty, strength, perfectionism and fierce sense of justice made him an excellent filmmaker and a trusted friend. Andy the images you captured and the stories you told are beautiful and critical and they will live on. Thank you for being my friend and collaborator all these years. I will miss your goofy sense of humor, your infectious hope, your gravely voice, your sensitivity, your great notes giving, your creativity, your biking outfits, your unique morning routines, your fraught but hilarious relationship stories, your unbridled passion, your exacting perfectionism, your love and your friendship. You protected me when things got tough both in and off the field. Your work was so so good. You accepted me and other friends worts and all — yet always demanded that we rise to our best selves. You required the same of yourself and that’s why you were such a good filmmaker and such a complex friend. You touched so many lives. I know the pain you felt was profound, real and relentless. I know you suffered. I can only hope you have finally found some peace and justice as you so deserve it. I’m sorry it was this way. Our community lost an amazing person. I will always love and remember you Andy. I encourage everyone to watch Andy’s remarkable films. Urk (2003) The Blood of My Brother (2005), Delta Boys (2012), Madina’s Dream (2015)

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